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Elf Present Photo Ornament

December 14, 2017

Will somebody please tell me why this time of year flies by? Geez! Christmas is less than two weeks away! Well, we finally got to do our 2017 ornaments! as Ive mentioned before, I LOVE photo ornaments! I wanted to do something a little different so I came up with these...

Heres what you need to make these adorable elf ornaments:




2 inch favor boxes

Elf characters (printed on card stock) Elf PDF is at the bottom of this page

Children's photos

Wrapping paper

Tissue paper

Small tags (cut from card stock scraps)

Twine or ribbon to hang the ornaments










These were pretty easy to make the older kids were able to do a lot of it on their own. While the kids colored their elves I cut out their picture. I wrapped the boxes for the babies and had the older kids glue pieces of wrapping paper to the boxes. I cut out their elves while they decorated their boxes. THIS IS IMPORTANT!: WHEN YOU CUT THE ELVES DO NOT CUT AROUND THE  BOTTOM OF THE BOX! Cut to the edge of the page (see pic below) you are going to need the extra paper to stand the elf up in the middle of the box. 



Once we were all done it was time to assemble the ornaments. We put the faces on the colored and cut elves. We folded the bottom of the elf cut out and glued it to the bottom of the box, right in the middle (see picture above). We glued tags with their name and year to the front of the box. Now all you have left to do is arrange the tissue paper and glue it in the box. We put a piece in front of the elf and a piece behind. Attach the twine by poking a small hole at the top of the elf's hat.


If you need to modify this activity for your kids you can reduce steps by having the kids decorate the box that the elf is printed in and add the the kids picture. this would eliminate having to do the actual box with tissue paper.





Thats it! This craft was pretty quick and easy to complete. I am so happy with the way they came out! The kids are so excited to gift them to their parents! Let me know if you plan to try these out! Ill be listing the affiliate links to the supplies below. If you love these as much as we do subscribe to my blog for more!


I have also listed kits with all of the supplies in my ETSY shop. Everything is pre measured and cut and ready for your littles to assemble all you need to do is provide pictures for the elves! 



You can find the Printable Elf PDF HERE



Order Kits from my ETSY shop



Affiliate links for supplies:





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