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December 31, 2017

In Hawaii we celebrate graduations in a big way! Big parties, lots of yummy food, family and friends! One of the really beautiful traditions we have here is the islands is giving leis. We give leis for everything from birthdays to celebrating accomplishments. They are given as a welcome and to bid someone farewell. They are also given in abundance at graduations! Leis are a beautiful gesture and greatly appreciated by the recipient. With so many varieties and materials the lei making possibilities are endless! 




I make leis that can be kept as a keepsake with the recipient's name and either a favorite character or school logo on it as well as money (for good luck). Each lei I make is made with care and love and specifically created for the intended recipient so each lei is unique and special. It is an absolute joy for me to make something unique that cant be found anywhere else.  If you are interested in ordering your own custom lei for graduations, birthdays, promotions, welcoming or biding farewell (absolutely any occasion you can think of is the perfect occasion to give a lei) you can find them here at my Etsy shop




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