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Get Kids Crafty Valentine Blog Hop!

January 20, 2018



Welcome to another fun "Get Kids Crafty" blog hop, Valentine's Day edition! We love, love, love Valentines Day! Its one of my favorite crafting holidays! There are so many great things you could do and so many awesome ideas floating around out there! I hope you get inspired by our crafts to make something fun! If you do make one of the crafts from this post, I'd love if you would hop on over to my Mad Crafter's Tea Party Facebook Page to share!


***Were doing a giveaway this month! Its easy to enter! All you have to do is showcase your children's projects on social media using #getkidscrafty and we'll announce the winners in our next month's blog post. Here are the prizes! The winner will receive a book, Lawn fawn book and die set, markers and a set of custom name crayons with the name winners choice (up to 7 letters). Contest is open internationally! 


















With so many great ideas, we had a hard time choosing just one! We decided to feature four different activities for this months hop! 


Finger Print Heart Charms!



These adorable charms are really easy to make! All you need is a little bit of Polymer clay like Fimo or Sculpey, a small heart shaped cutter and a chain. ( we used a necklace, but you could also use a keychain or anything else you would like to attach it to! 


First you will need to roll out the polymer clay till its about 1/4 inch thick. Then cut out little hearts using the cookie cutter. once you have all of your hearts cut out, you can press the child's finger (any finger is fine) into the heart. you will want to do this twice so that the finger prints kind of form a heart in the center of the charm.  Important!!! using a skewer or some other pointed object make a hole in the top center of the heart PRIOR TO BAKING! Bake the charms for about 10 min at 200 degrees or according to the package on the polymer clay you use.  Once they are done and cooled, you can write the child's name, date and age on the back and attach them to the necklace/keychain etc! These make Wonderful keepsakes, aren't they too cute?!  I will have links to the supplies you need for this project at the end of the blog! 



Blowing Kisses Canvas Art!




For this project, we started off with plain 8x10in canvas boards.  We uses dark blue, light blue and white paint. For the painting, either brush or finger painting will work depending on the age of your kids. the kids covered their entire canvas with paint. I had different size hearts pre-cut out of different printed scrapbook papers. I also took the children's pictures and cut them out beforehand. Once the canvas has fully dried, the children can glue their picture to the canvas and arrange their choice of hearts! For the older kids we made it look like they were blowing kisses and for the younger ones we took their pictures and arranged the hearts to look like they are "throwing love".  After they were all done, I sealed the entire project with Mod Podge. (Take care when going over the children's pictures. too many strokes will cause the ink to run and come off.)

We are really pleased with the way these blowing kisses and throwing love canvases came out! these would be wonderful Grandparent gifts or Parent gifts for daycare/preschool! Affiliate links to supplies will be listed at the end of the blog.





Class Valentine Favors!



My six year old loves to help me put together goodie bags and treats to pass out to her classmates for special holidays! We wanted to do something other than the usual sweets that everyone passes out for the holidays. We decided to give her classmates letter crayons with their first initial.


Madison stamped images that I cut out to attach to the bag toppers, she also stamped sheets of paper that were used as a backing behind the crayons. then we stuffed little baggies with the stamped backing paper and the letters.  We attached a coordinating topper so each child would have their letter. after we stapled the toppers on the bags, we clued the cute images to the toppers. These were really easy to put together and Madison is really excited to share them with her friends on Valentine's Day! 





















Salt Dough Pretend Sweet Heart Bakery!




Play dough is always a wining activity! You can always taylor it to any accasion, holiday or theme! 


This simple salt dough recipe is really easy to make and I like it for playing bakery because its more of dry dough and not as sticky as some of the other ones we make like our ginger bread play dough. 



4 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 /2 cups water (add food coloring to water before mixing in)


Combine all ingredients mix until consistency resembles sugar cookie dough. 

give the kids baking sheets, rolling pin and plastic cookie cutters to play "Sweet Heart Bakery"!


BONUS!!! This easy salt dough recipe can also be used to make salt dough ornaments! Just bake them at 200 degrees for 2 hours and let them sit out till firm.  






Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like our Valentine's Day projects and I hope they inspire you and your kiddos to do something fun for Valentine's Day! If you enjoyed this and want to see more, subscribe to my blog to get updates! Dont forget to check out all of the other amazing projects in our blog hop, by clicking on the links below! 


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Affiliate links for supplies:

Custom letter crayons on ETSY












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