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Fuzzy Easter Bunnies!

March 30, 2018

This is a really fun craft that we do every easter! The kids have lots of fun making these and the parents get a kick out of how cute they are! I am a total sucker for projects that incorporate the kids pictures. These are really simple to make! You just need to make a template with 2 circles (one large for the body with a smaller one on top for the head.) They don't need to be perfect because they will be completely covered with cotton. 



Colored construction Paper 

Bunny Template- White construction paper

Bunny Ears- White construction paper

Cotton Balls

Pink (kid safe) paint


Photo of kids faces


Here's how we do it:

Make children's footprints on white construction paper using pink paint. Set it aside to dry. (when paint is dry, cut out the footprints.) Glue the body and ears template on the colored construction paper and have the children glue their cotton balls to the body only. When they are finished with the body, add their picture to the center of the bunny's head and have them glue cotton balls around their face taking care not to cover their faces. You can either have the kids add cotton balls to the ears or leave the ears plain. I personally think that it looks better plain. You can see the difference in the photos. We added cotton to the ears last year. I hope you and your little ones enjoy making these fun eater bunnies! They are a great Keepsake! If you and your littles make fun easter projects Id love to see them! Hop on over to The Mad Crafters Tea Party Facebook Page to share your projects with us! For more fun Ideas subscribe to my blog at the very bottom of this page! 


 Here are some pictures of the littles in action... 




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